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About Wild Flower

Our Background

Wild Flower begun during the COVID-19 lockdown when friends and family needed a spark of life during a time when life seemed dull, and flowers were and remain a serotonin booster. When the lockdown concluded and life began to reopen again, Jodie McCabe decided to open Wild Flower in a small-town in upstate New York; Oak Hill. 

A florist for 30+ years, Jodie is well-versed in the floral business and can create every type of floral need. Your imagination is the limit when Jodie is your florist. The ability to create any flower arrangement, from wedding pieces to funeral arrangements, Jodie is able to masterfully create your dream arrangement.

On top of all the flowers, Jodie has a rare eye for art and creative pieces. Searching for a creative outlet, Jodie finds herself in the woods of upstate New York often. Finding old bottles, barbed wire, springs, chains and everything you name in the old, dense woods of the Catskill Mountains. The center of her art are rarely these findings, however, its bones. The bones from deer, coyotes, horses, and many other of natures animals constantly find themselves weaved into Jodie's unique artwork. 

Most of the jewelry found is handmade by Jodie or friends. Using all-natural beads, stones, bones, and crystals. As miner herself, Jodie uses some of the crystals she unearthed herself crystals seen in her one-of-a-kind pieces. 

With a very unique craft and ability to create, Jodie is able to make anything you desire. From jewelry and artwork to floral arrangments for all floral needs, Jodie is able to make it. 

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